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Michigan Evaluation Group is a National Provider
of Independent Medical Evaluations

Michigan Evaluation Group (M.E.G.) provides the insurance, legal, and business community direct nationwide access to accredited and board certified physicians for the purpose of conducting independent medical examinations.

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Service to the client is every bit as important as the quality of the Physician. Michigan Evaluation Group provides Independent Medical Evaluations, Medical Records / Peer / Radiology Reviews, Depositions, and other services.

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We are constantly growing and refining our network of professionals to best suit your needs. We provide an easy way to view the Curriculum Vitae of all of our Physicians so you have options when submitting an IME referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for a report?

Our goal is to submit a final report within five business days of the date of the IME. Reports can be faxed, emailed, sent via standard mail, or delivered in person.

Who reviews the physician's report?

The Quality Assurance Department reviews all reports to ensure that the client’s specific questions have been addressed. If you wish to discuss a specific report, please call 877.642.4463 and ask for the QA Department.

How can I join M.E.G.’s panel of physicians?

Please call 877.642.4463 and ask for Marla Wiederhold or Kelly Mis. You may also email or

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